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The church of St Michael the Archangel stands in a prominent position in Laxton and is a landmark for some way around. The oldest parts of the church, including the nave and the pillars, have been dated to about 1190. The arches in this part of the church are almost round, just breaking to a point at the top. They are of heavy construction as this was the period when the typical Romanesque architecture of rounded arches was just giving way to the pointed structures of Gothic times. The builders were not sure of the new techniques and used heavy construction methods to be sure their buildings would take the weight. By the time the later arches in the church were constructed, such as that leading to the bell tower, the techniques were more familiar and so lighter construction was used.

The church is remarkable in that it was shortened when the tower was taken down in1859. A photograph can be seen in the church clearly showing the additional arches and the beginning of another arch can be seen inside the church near the door.

The church contains a number of interesting tombs and other features while the grave yard contains many stones commemorating members of families still living in the village today.

St Michael the Archangel, Laxton